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Sometimes I find a question 'who you are' among other, railway-related problems in your e-mails. So, let me give you a bulk-answer to some questions concerning my person.

My name is Jarek and I live in Gdansk, beautiful city (over a thousand years of city status) at the Baltic Sea, Gdansk Gulf. I work for small company as a specialist of financial and organizational restructurization of enterprises. So, professionally I am not connected with railways in any way. Maybe that's why my hobby is a kind of relaxation after the work hours. As an outsider, I can keep this comfortable position and just "do what I want to do".

I'm a typical trainspotter and my point of interest is diesel and electric locomotives exploitation track recording, so that's why the most important part of my web pages - the gallery of locomotives - is divided onto classes and particular numbers, not for areas, events or other more understable factors. So please don't regard me as the timetable on-line information, rather ask me about the PKP inventory and related topics.

And who is Chester? The first was a dog, my lovely doberman, that died of a cancer. The name of the dog (let's keep the secret of the name's origin) became then my nickname used on Polish railway discussion group. After some time I found I'm called this name during a railway trips, so that was a little step to call my web pages this way. It's a bit wired, because noone from my family, my company colleagues or people living around knows me as 'Chester'. Well, that's an example how internet can create a second personality of anyone :-)

Feel free to e-mail me your opinion about the pages, that couldn't exist without your interest.

Jarek D. Stawarz - Chester