by Roelof Hamoen
  Seventh trip - year 2001


February 08

ET41-030 is ready for the departure in Sedzislaw with a rather short train with ballast, probably loaded in Kamienna Góra, in the direction of Walbrzych. A much longer train with this kind of waggons was seen in the afternoon, hauled by a ST43, on the way from Kamienna Góra to Sedzislaw. CD 742 113 arrives 13.20 from Kralovec in Lubawka with a very short train. SM42-880 (background) arrived empty 20 minutes earlier to take the train over. The most incredible thing about this borderstation are the poles of the old German electrification. Out of use since 1945, but the most are still there! I hope this museum-by-coincidence will last much longer... For the huge stationbuilding it's too late, I'm afraid: it's in a very bad condition. Until further notice ('G' in the timetable) PKP still runs three passenger trains each day to the friendly town of Lubawka. Highly recommended!    

February 09

PKP's Ty45-20 in Mezimesti, observed by two employees of CD. The loco had to pass the 'triangle' in the Czech borderstation to get it in the right direction for a special train with railway enthusiasts on the line Walbrzych - Mieroszów. The train that belonged to the Ty45-20 (PKP doubledeck waggons) was left behind in Mieroszów, only a few km from Mezimesti. Since ???? PKP and CD change locos again for passenger trains in Mezimesti (= 'half town') for trains on line 240, part of the Wroclaw - Prague link. On the right 749 240 gives her waggons to SP32-069 (on the left). SP32-069 passes the sign 'granica' (border) between Mezimesti and Mieroszów with train 251 (Praha Smichov - Wroclaw Glowny). ST43-242 pulls a long freight to Walbrzych, a few minutes after international passenger train 251. The picture is taken from the roadcrossing at the Czech side of the border near Mezimesti.


The train with ST43-242 (former picture) has crossed ST43-63 in the Polish border station of Mieroszów and has reached the final destrination for the Polish crew: Mezimesti. A 'diving goggles' of CD will take the train on the mainline further to the south. Arrival at 12.15. On the left side the wellkept shed, also overhauling diesel locos of class 742.      

February 11

On a tour with railway friends Ty45-20 made her appearance at the freight only branchline from Scinawka to the mines of Slupiec. Under the bridge is the road Slupiec-Dzikowiec. A part of this network, now disappeared, was the rack-railway to Srebrna Góra.      

February 12

Not far from the steamshed in Wolstzyn, in Stare Bojanowo, this brief encounter: Mbdx2-213 to Smigiel (5 km) and EU07-083 with train 76932 to Wroclaw (still 113 km to go). Smigiel employees protested with banners against the closure of the narrowgauge line to Wielichowo (from Sniaty only freight).